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HP LaserJet M226dw Printer Driver Support

HP LaserJet M226dw Printer Driver Support Print View is potentially useful, but it's highly limited in this first incarnation. It will scale an image to different paper sizes, for example, but it won't scale a wide Web page down so that you can print it without cutting off the right side of the page. HP says it will add that feature in a future version.

HP LaserJet M226dw Printer Driver Support

HP LaserJet M226dw Printer Driver Support

More frustrating is that some features described in the help file, notably duplexing and booklet printing, aren't available with the CP3505n. They don't even show as grayed out options. HP says that's because this particular model doesn't have a built-in duplexer. (Booklet printing requires duplexing. It prints two document pages on each side of the physical page, and rearranges the order, so when you fold a stack of printed pages down the middle to form a booklet, the document pages are in the right order to let you read the booklet from front to back).

manages 22.2 pages per minute, which is slower than it should be for a printer at this price point. Speeds aren't much better when printing in colour, with a substantial difference between printing in 1200x600dpi and ImageRET3600 - 1200x600dpi printed at 10.7ppm while HP's ImageRET technology sped up the printer somewhat to 21ppm. HP’s Web site suggests consistent speeds, though when approached with this anomaly, HP suggested that ImageRET 3600 was the optimal choice for general colour printing.

HP LaserJet M226dw Printer Driver Support Features:

For those who wish to tinker with the ImageRET settings to produce better results, the CP3505dn also offers users access to settings such as contrast, focus, sharpness, smoothing and a separate contrast enhancement function labelled “Digital Flash”. The feature is clearly designed for use with photos and colour-heavy materials - though oddly it made negligible difference to graphical documents - but careful configuration can enhance the printer’s text quality, making text darker, sharper and easier to read overall. We like the feature’s presence and it generally boosted quality when used in the right manner. The only worrying aspect is the inclusion of “SmartFocus”, which just seems to make things blurrier.

scored well in our speed tests, ripping through a 24-page Word document in 1min 7secs for a tidy 21.5ppm. Our 24-page colour DTP-style document was also handled efficiently, dropping in the upper output bin in the same time. The driver offers both 1,200 x 600dpi and interpolated 3,600dpi resolutions, and neither affected speed, although it was hard to spot a difference between them in output quality.

HP LaserJet M226dw Printer Driver Support Link Installer:

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit,64-bit), Win 8.1/8 (32-bit,64-bit), Win 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
HP LaserJet M226dw Windows 10 Driver : Download (175.58MB)
HP LaserJet M226dw Windows 8.1/8 Driver : Download (175.58MB)
HP LaserJet M226dw Windows 7 Driver : Download (175.58MB)
Operating Systems: Microsoft Win Vista, Microsoft Win Xp
HP LaserJet M226dw Windows Vista Driver : Download (175.40MB)
HP LaserJet M226dw Windows Xp Driver : Download (175.40MB)
Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7
HP LaserJet M226dw Mac Driver Download (142.44MB)

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